The Northwest Dermatology Group Staff

Tammy Ashley, Front Desk

Fun Loving
Animal Obsessed

Rebecca Quirk, Front Desk

Turtle Lover
Loves Camping with friends and family
Off-roading with any type of ATV vehicle

Kristen Baker, Esthetician

The Biggest Fan of Bravo reality Shows
If I was cast in the Real Housewives of Detroit, my tagline would be ..."My scrubs maybe gray, but my heart is Solid Gold!"
Once starred in a Soap Opera Pilot

Alex Cooper, Medical Assistant
Loves to Travel!
Has been to 12 countries and counting.
Participated in a medical brigades trip to Honduras 3 years in a row.
Used to want to be a childhood actress; has been an extra in movies.
Ellen Backus, Front Desk Supervisor

Used to be a competative figure skater and coach
Dislikes Driving
Loves to Grocery Shop

Linda Heard-Davis, Front Desk

Love to Shop! Husband nicknamed me "Discount"
Teacher for a Girls' Dance Group
NBA Fan #1 Team Golden State Warriors

Tiffaney Hobson, Medical Assistant

Live by the motto to always look for the positive
Avid foodie
Over a decade as a medical assistant

Lauren Moroney, Lead Medical Assistant

Love to sing my heart out at Karaoke
My favorite Holiday is Halloween
Currently raising the most adorable child in the history of mankind


Christine Sloan, Practice Supervisor

Loves to hike in the mountains, swim in the ocean and ride horses through the woods!
Always appreciates a good laugh!
Loves when our patients share their favorite jokes!